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HyperFund’s solid foundation: HyperTech

HyperFund Rewards: “HU” credits

In order to join HyperFund, you will need Tether (USDT). Use the button on the right to get more info on how to buy Tether and other crypto currencies on the landing page.

How does HyperFund work?

Can you afford NOT to get in?

  • Start with just $300
  • No registration or monthly fees
  • Members receive rewards in HU credits
  • Redeem your HU credits, or rebuy to increase rewards
  • Built by 4 industry leaders and part of a greater ecosystem
  • 6+ year proven track record with over $500 million in strategic investments
  • Millions of users across multiple exchanges & platforms owned by the
  • HyperTech Group
  • Referring is completely optional
  • Work with Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world